about 1materialbet356登录1-Material is a material company, a chemical is not a material until its function is reproducibly performed.

bet356登录We provide custom synthesis and contract research to meet your material needs exactly. We can assist you beyond chemistry in the following areas.

  • Custom synthesis and product development (function polymers, hi-tech dyes, organic nano electronic materials…)
  • Processing development (kilogram to semi-pilot production according to ISO9001 practice)
  • Contract research (full-time-equivalent researchers, human resource-sharing, equipment sharing, analytic service…)
  • Project consulting (literature & patent search and review, feasibility study, documentation…).

1-Material is making a reliable and standard material, not just a pure chemical. A chemical is not a material until its function is reproducibly performed. With our extensive expertise in synthesis, purification, formulation and product development, we can assist you beyond chemistry and make your chemicals work as per you desired, and allow you to expand to new markets and generate additional revenue.

More specifically, we are experienced in the following domains.

  • Organic electron/hole transporting materials based inks for OLED, OPV, OTFT, printing circuits
  • Organic ion(cationic and anionic) transporting materials based resins for fuel cells, polymer electrolytes, ion-exchange membrane
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