Featured Products


bet356登录1-Material’s featured materials are these standardized Organic Nano Electronic (ONE=1) materials which have been extensively studied and reliably produced. The performance of these featured materials has been dully validated by the third party.

Currently, the featured materials exampled in this section include OPV materials (such as PTB7, PCE-10, PCDTBT, PCPDTBT, PCBM, ICBA), OTFT materials ( such as PCDTPT, IIDDT-C3, PBTTT-C14, PBBTTT), OPC materials (such as TPD, poly-TPD),  and standardized common OLED materials.

We are updating the list of the featured materials constantly, and you are welcome to download the list of the featured materials from the Product Information. If you have any comment or need any additional information, you are welcome to contact us by email at


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