Product Information

18% efficiency organic solar cell, 1st record of 2020.

1st record of 2020 D18 PCE-18

Life matters beyond efficiency, perovskite-PV

It is about lifetime Perovskite-PV

Y-Family NFAs extended along with their associated polymeric donors, are we there yet?

Y-Family NFAs Extended 20191202 new release

1M polymeric donors 20191202_new release

All Small Molecules OPV is coming:

All SM OPV BTR-Cl 20191021

bet356登录BTR for indoor and/or transparent OPV

Indoor OPV BTR 2019

bet356登录New acceptor PCE157 working with PCE135 broke the PCE benchmark of 16% for single-junction organic solar cell.


bet356登录Go beyond 1000nm

bet356登录PDDTT is coming back in a reproducible way, click to see how it works.

1M_ PDDTT_beyong 1000nm C12

Three new NFAs are available for your research in high performance OPV.




1M NFA FOIC 201705969


1M NFA 3TT-FIC 20180718

bet356登录PCE is closing to 15%, are we there yet?

bet356登录Please click the updated list below, cheers.

1M PCE is close to 15%_20180427

1M PCE is close to 15%_20180427

N-Type Polymers for your OTFT, OE and OPV

1M N-Type Polymers 20180426

bet356登录2018-2: PDIs are ready for you to explore

1M_PDI for you to explore_0180110

bet356登录2018-1: Cathode interlayer materials for your OPV applications

1M Interlayer material upgraded 2018

Fluorine-atoms in NFAs, yours to discover:

1M F-NFA 20171005

Polymer-NFA BHJ-OPV highlight from 1M, your choice is coming:

1M NFA OPV highligh updated 20171005

OPV toward stability: IDFBR may be a solution.

COA_NFA012_IDFBR YY11244 with NMR

bet356登录NFAs-OPV Materials have just been updated, your comments and suggestion are appreciated.

1M NFAS limited realease 20170120

1M polymeric donors selected for NFAs_20170117

1M ONE Materials Selected 2016, for research and education proposals. You are welcome to download for your references, thanks.

ONE updated 20160526_save in pdf

For your suggestions and validations, the enclosed Small Molecule Non-Fullerene Acceptors (SMNFA) are proposed.

1M SM NFA selection for suggestions updated 20160818

bet356登录New Small Molecular OPV Material -BTR ready for your laboratory evaluation


BTR_Figure performance


Materials for Perovskite solar cell updated_20140828

1M Materials for Perovskite solar cells_updated 20140828

New Release -August 2014

bet356登录(1). PTAA for your Perovsite solar cells

1M-PTAA New 20140911, updated 2018

1M-PTAA short list upgraded 2018 HOMO LUMO

bet356登录(2). CPEs (Conjugated Polyelectrolytes) for your choice

1M-CPE New 20141104


New release -April 2014:

(1). PCDTPT, an OTFT polymer with an intrinsic mobility  of  µh 47 cm2v-1s-1

1M-New Release PCDTBT_OTFT Polymer_20140420

bet356登录(2). Small Molecular OPV Material, breaking 10% PCE:

1M-New Release SMALL OPV Materials for your R&D

Short lists of 1-Material featured products

1M_Pi materials selection_Updated 20141125

Technical Notes

Storage_Solar polymers_Suggestion only by 1M
Perovskite hybrid solar cell_reference_selection only

Selection of publications from 1-Material’s materials

1M inside 9 point 74_single layer solar cell_PCE-10

OS0007 by Alan Heeger in Advance Materials 2013
OS0007 by UNIST in Nano 2013
OS0010_by Alan Heeger_nl401758g
OS0502 OS0340 by KRICT in Nature 2013
OS0007 by Hongbin_Nature Photonics
OS0502 by Richard Friend_Science_2011

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