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1st Record of 2020, D18 = PCE-18

bet356登录1st record efficiency in 2020 has broken through, and many to come, so solar energy is jumping toward organic green.

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1M supports E-MRS with reproducibility

1M supports E-MRS with the constantly symposium commitment and reproducible Organic Nano Electronic (ONE=1) materials.

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May the solar energy be organic green, go ESEMA2020

Constantly, 1M supports Organic Nano Electronic(ONE =1) society worldwide, wish ESEMA 2020 another great success.

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1M supports QCAM

bet356登录1M is proud of supporting local ONE (Organic Nano Electronic) Material Community, QCAM.

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1M Supports MRS with Reproducibility

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EMRS 2020 Spring    

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ERPOS 2020

bet356登录1M is again supporting ERPOS 2020: 15th International Conference on ELECTRICAL AND RELATED PROPERTIES OF ORGANIC SOLID

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ICSM2020 Synthetic Metals, Reproducibility Matters

1M is proud of being the official support partner of  ICSM2020

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1M enables OPV 20+ years

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All Small OPV, SM-Donor BTR BTR-Cl

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