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Old medicine, new function: not a Hydroxychloroquine rather than another Aspirin?  To be tested.

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PDI di-PDI, H-di-PDI, B-di-PDI, P-PDI, P-PDI-OMe SF-PDI PDT-2T and more

bet356登录R and R’ at your choice, examples below:  

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PDTP-DFBT for biomedical devices and OPV

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1 for 2, BTID-0F BTID-2F single component OPV

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BTP-eC9 a new brother of BTP-4F Y6

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PBBTPD PBBTCD PBBTSiD Low Bandgap ( LBG ) polymers

bet356登录1M Custom Made LBG polymers for NIR detector and more_2020

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P(NDI-T) Made to your specifications


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1 for you

While taking all necessary safety precautions during this uncertain period of Covid19, we would like to report you that 1-Material is still fully operational and committed to serving your needs timely and effectively. Please feel free and comfortable to contact

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bet356登录From simple polymer structure to simple device configuration, PTQ11 beyond the simple beauty of PTQ10 is offering a zero HOMO offset  and a higher performance of polymer solar cell.

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Life matters beyond efficiency, Perovskite PV.

bet356登录It is about lifetime Perovskite-PV    

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